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Forex Forum



The main forum about making money on Forex. Discussion of current issues on working with Forex on the forum about earnings and investments wages.site


  1. Forex blogs


    If you are engaged in trading and want to talk about your results, the trading system, or just share your thoughts on exchange trading, then this section is for you. The section is a specialized platform for authoring blogs with a theme: trading, forex, binary options, exchange trading.

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  2. Forex: general forum


    Discussion of trade issues on the international Forex market. Exchange of experience and knowledge. Traders Contests Announcements

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  3. Forex: forum for beginners


    Answers to frequently asked questions about Forex. Books Articles. Video lessons. Reviews and comments. Help for beginners. Investing in PAMM accounts

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  4. Forex Brokers Catalog


    Catalog of Brokerage Companies, discussions of conditions and quality of brokers, communication with representatives of companies. Promotions, bonuses. Customer Reviews.

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  6. Analytics

    We forecast the dynamics of changes in currency quotes on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis.

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  7. Trading strategies


    Trading strategies, signals and systems. Methods of analysis.

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  8. Software


    Programs for trading on the Forex and Stock Market: MetaTrader, Metastock, etc. Trading strategies based on these programs (MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4). Advisors, indicators, scripts and other trading programs.

  9. Binary options


    Discussion of companies providing service of binary options, forex-totalizators and financial betting. Discussion of the conditions and quality of their work, communication with representatives of companies. The study of financial betting tools. Promotions, bonuses. Customer Reviews.

  10. Rebate services and referral offers


    Discussion of services for the return of part of the spread (rebate services), as well as referral offers of private traders

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  11. General issues of Brokers


    Discussing issues of choosing a broker, nuances of work, bonuses and shares of brokerage companies. Rating brokers.

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