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Зарегистрируйтесь сейчас, чтобы получить доступ ко всем нашим функциям. После регистрации и входа в систему вы сможете создавать темы, публиковать ответы в существующих темах, придавать репутацию своим коллегам, получать собственный личный мессенджер и многое другое. Это также быстро и совершенно бесплатно, так чего же вы ждете?

Buy / Sell / Exchange

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Buying and selling Links / Advertising platforms, Domains / Websites, Hosting, Accounts / Baz, ICQ numbers, signatures, etc. Sell or buy other people's scripts is strictly prohibited!


  1. Free

    All free you can get or offer in this section. Synonyms of the section: "Freebie", "Free Cheese", "Free", "Gratis"

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  2. Links

    Buying / selling / exchanging links

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  3. Sites


    Purchase / sale / exchange sites.

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  4. Domains


    Purchase / sale / exchange of domains.

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  5. Texts


    Purchase / sale / exchange of ready-made texts (articles, notes, reviews). Copyright, Rerayt.

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  6. Templates


    Purchase / sale and exchange of templates (templates).

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  7. Accounts / Bases / Vouchers


    Purchase / sale / exchange of accounts (in payment systems, gaming, partner, etc.), databases (directories, forums, addresses, phones), vouchers (skype, google adwords, mobile phone, etc.)

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  8. Scripts / Programs


    Buying / selling / sharing scripts and programs only own production. Pirate software to buy, sell and exchange is strictly prohibited!

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  9. ICQ numbers


    Buying and selling ICQ numbers.

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  10. Infoproducts, courses and methods of earnings

    Purchase / sale / exchange of various information products, courses and methods of earnings. Pirate infoprodukta buy, sell and exchange is strictly prohibited!

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  11. Other

    All that is not included in the main sections.

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