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  1. Cryptocurrencies remain the preferred long-term investment for millenial investors. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of consulting company Edelman. According to the report, more than 25% of the polled millennials are already users or owners of digital assets. “Everyone who has cryptocurrencies told that they would like them to be acquired earlier,” said study author Deidre Campbell. 30% of respondents expressed interest in the study of cryptocurrency for the purpose of investment. Earlier studies have found that Millennials do not trust banks. For the most part, this is due to inefficient and outdated models that are not adapted to younger investors. Analysts suggest that the main cryptocurrency markets, such as the USA, South Korea and Japan, where regulated cryptobirds and payment services operate, will continue to grow rapidly. Thus, the South Korean government has already recognized cryptobirth as legitimate financial institutions and launched initiatives designed to convince young talents to pay attention to the blockchain industry. In the course of the Edelman study, 1,000 millennials aged 28 to 34 years old and 500 representatives of “generation X” aged 39 to 52 years old were surveyed.
  2. https://imgtagram.com The project, developed by Russian programmers, makes it possible to view Instagram on a computer screen and interact with the service through the official API. Prior to this, the official application was available only on iPhones and smartphones running Android, but could not grow to a full-fledged network on the Internet, the service developers say. Users log in to the site through their existing Instagram account. In addition to viewing photos, you can post likes and comments, subscribe to new friends. Also, the authors of the project launched a special section “Photo of the Day”, in which the most popular photo of Instagram users is selected in Runet, and the author of the picture has the opportunity to receive popular recognition. Unlike the mobile application, there are tag and user ratings on the site, divided into Russian-speaking and English-speaking users. Owners of the service hope that the ability to work with their Instagram profile on a personal computer through a browser will allow users to expand their creative abilities in photography.
  3. After the financial crisis of 2008, when the markets became feverish, and stock markets were destroyed, new technologies emerged at their ruins, and many new exchanges emerged. Binary options existed before, but were only available to large corporate clients and banks. Now trading is carried out on stock exchanges. Binary options in UkraineLeaders working on stock exchanges are constantly monitoring the binary options rating. On the Internet you can find many sites with top tables of the best binary options. It's necessary to understand that in order to get to the first lines, some unscrupulous companies spend a lot of money on advertising and promotion. This may be the pure interest of the "broker" or their agents https://safetradebinaryoptions.com . In order not to lose your money, you need to figure out the best real binary options according to the responses of working and earning traders. At the exchanges you can earn up to 3000%, although you should not expect it immediately, you need to go through the training and have a good trading experience. When bidding on binary options, we collect money from the site owner and, conversely, he earns money on our losses. Of course, no broker will want to part with their money. Unscrupulous brokers can delay payouts, reduce them or convince you to invest again. Therefore, we offer the rating of binary options 2016 criteria, which should be guided by the choice of the trader.
  4. Starting with small ideas, Fintech is gradually turning into a huge industry. Financial technologies have become one of the most attractive areas for investment. And Finntech companies are often among the most promising companies in the world. Investments in Finntech projects grow annually, and in 2018 they have a chance to overcome the mark of $ 100 billion. According to forecasts of the audit company PwC, in the next 3 years, investments in fintex can exceed $ 150 billion, and in 5 years - $ 200 billion. The impressive growth of the Finnish market is a reflection of the success of both small start-ups and large corporations offering more modern, demand-driven and custom-tailored products and solutions tailored to the needs of the financial technology segment. We will select several companies that have succeeded and earned investor attention in 2018. MILLIONAL COMPANIES HAVE MORE In 2018, in the financial technology segment, the number of companies with market value exceeding $ 1 billion has grown to 33. And in the future will continue to increase. In the last two years, the amount of investments attracted by these companies for the development of their projects amounted to about $ 30 billion. According to CB Insights, an analytical company, the American company Stripe has become the leader of the Fintech sector in terms of capitalization this year, whose value is estimated at $ 20 billion. The central office of Stripe is in San Francisco. The company has become known for its convenient online payment system, which enhances the convenience and security of customers doing business over the Internet. To expand the capabilities of its global payment system, and strengthen its position in the global market, the company raised another $ 245 million in September of this year. The total investment in Stripe is more than $ 1 billion. Now the company is present in 25 countries, and the Southeast Asia region considers the most promising market for itself. The second place in terms of capitalization is occupied by the Chinese startup Lu.оm, with its headquarters in Shanghai. The company is valued at $ 18.5 billion. It is an online financial services provider. Provides online lending services, asset management, P2P loans for individuals. It is considered the fastest growing FINTECH startup in the world. The number of Lu. Com clients exceeds 30 million, which is 3 times more than in 2015. Since its inception, has attracted more than $ 3 billion in investment. The Indian operator of digital wallets Paytm closes the top three. Provides its customers with a platform for online shopping and mobile commerce. The market leader in mobile payments in India. The number of users of banking and financial services Paytm in 2018 amounted to 250 million. The company's market value is $ 10 billion. The development of business has already attracted $ 3.1 billion investment. In turn, Paytm actively and invests in mobile startups through the foundation created for this. THE MOST LARGE INVESTMENT TRANSACTIONS ON THE FINTECH MARKET The leader in attracting investments was the Chinese Ant Financial, which manages the world's largest mobile payment service Alipay. The amount of investment amounted to $ 14 billion. This is the most successful transaction ever conducted by a private company. Now Ant Financial is estimated at $ 150 billion, and is one of the largest financial companies in the world. The funds received are planned to be invested in the development of new markets. The goal is to reach the level of 2 billion users of the company's payment services. In second place is the deal on the purchase by the American credit card operator Vantiv of the British company Worldpay, which specializes in electronic payments. The deal amounted to $ 10.4 billion, and the value of the combined company is estimated at $ 29 billion. According to the forecast, Worldpay net profit for the year will be $ 3.2 billion. And the volume of payments through the company's platform will exceed $ 1.5 trillion. The top three is closed by the purchase of Danish payment company Nets for $ 5.3 billion. The buyer was the American investment company Hellman & Friedman. This deal has become one of the largest in Europe in recent years. BEST DEAL FOR SELLER In the second quarter of 2018, the Swedish financial and technological company iZettle was acquired by PayPal for $ 2.2 billion. This is 2 times more than the amount that the owners initially wanted to receive, putting iZettle up for sale. BEST PURCHASE THROUGH IPO In just a year after the IPO of the Chinese insurance startup ZhongAn, its market value increased from 10 to $ 20 billion. Thus, investors ZhongAn in a short time multiplied their investments in 2 times. ZhongAn specializes in selling insurance policies online. AMAZON PLANS TO CHECK COMPETITORS Fintech companies may soon have a powerful competitor. As expected, next year, Amazon will begin to more actively expand its presence in emerging markets. The priority for the company will be the regions of Southeast Asia and Latin America. So, in India, Amazon is interested in acquiring start-ups in the field of payments and remittances. And in Mexico, launched a payment project as an alternative to credit and debit cards.
  5. Ethereum creator Vitaly Buterin donated 300 thousand dollars in cryptocurrency to three blockchain startups, CoinDesk writes. The lucky projects that received grants for 1,000 ETH from Buterin, Prysmatic Labs, ChainSafe Systems and Sigma Prime. All of them are working on the next version of the Ethereum system - Ethereum 2.0. Sigma Prime is developing a client for Ethereum 2.0 called Lighthouse, Prysmatic Labs is working on network scalability, and ChainSafe is also developing a client for Ethereum 2.0. It all started with Twitter, where several well-known representatives of the Ethereum community discussed ways to improve the technology. In the process, many of them complained about insufficient funding, calling it the reason for the slow pace of development. In particular, co-founder of Prysmatic Labs and Google programmer Preston Van Loon wrote that even with recent grants “it’s quite difficult to put together a team for full-time work and pay them a little money, and the option of strengthening the team where it’s necessary is definitely not for us ". To which Buterin replied: “I just sent 1,000 airs. We only live once. ” In the same thread, the founder of the crypto-investment firm Mythos Capital, Ryan Sean Adams, admitted that he “loves the wildest” when venture investor Fred Wilson speaks about Ethereum and added that the project “lacks certainty in release dates and basic leadership in operational matters” . He was told by the CEO of SpankChain Amin Suleymani, saying that “Ethereum for too long (2 years) takes its leadership for granted. In order for people to continue to believe in Ethereum, he needs to strengthen the focus on scalability and speed up work on it. Act quickly or die slowly. ” The second prize went to Sigma Prime when its co-founder, Paul Houner, tweeted that his project was “recently refused on several grants.” Buterin responded by sending another thousand ethers. The third donation went to the Canadian company ChainSafe, after project manager Miker Quintin-Collins tweeted: "I literally fall through the ground if we get 100 thousand dollars at ETH!" But Buterin also could not refuse this request - he sent the money and wrote: " Waiting for results! ” Prysmatic Labs and Sigma Prime have previously participated in the Ethereum Foundation grants program. Prysmatic Labs received 500 thousand dollars in October and 100 thousand dollars in March, and Sigma Prime - 150 thousand dollars in October.
  6. Since the beginning of the year, the value of the coin has increased by 4%, it is approaching an important mark of $ 4,000 On Thursday, January 3, the average market value of Bitcoin reached $ 3,880, over the past three days it has increased by 4%. Altcoins for the same period of time increased in price more - the share of the main cryptocurrency in the market again dropped below 52%. The Ethereum cryptocurrency rate, for example, which returned to second place in the list of the largest blockchain-based capitalization projects, has risen by 14% since the beginning of the year. In the near future, the cost of Bitcoin could exceed $ 4,000, said NewsBTC analyst Ayash Jindal. According to him, the coin needs to remain above the support level of $ 3,850 in order to continue to grow in value. If the rate of cryptocurrency begins to fall, the decline will slow down to $ 3,780, the expert is sure. To rise to $ 4,000, Bitcoin needs to rise above $ 3,900 and $ 3,930, which is quite likely, the expert says.
  7. The leading supplier of blockchain solutions, Bitfury Group, announced the acquisition of a minority stake in the Swiss investment company Final Frontier. Final Frontier was founded by a team of investment professionals with years of experience in the traditional financial industry. The company specializes in providing financial services and products that enable institutional investors to work with blockchain and cryptocurrency assets. According to a press release, the Bitfury and Final Frontier partnership will use the knowledge and experience of both companies to develop a range of new financial products and services at the institutional level. “Given the growing interest of institutional investors in the blockchain industry, the partnership between the technological blockchain company and an experienced team of professionals from the traditional financial sector is an important step forward for the entire ecosystem. Partnership is also important in the framework of the Bitfury mission, which is to lead the market by providing the whole range of services in the field of blockchain technologies, ”said Valery Vavilov, CEO of the company.
  8. Huobi Group issued a press release, according to which the mining division of the company - Huobi Pool - will launch its cryptocurrency exchange in the first quarter of next year, which will be focused on the EOS system. "Huobi Pool, being a super-node of EOS, sets ecological development of the network as its main goal," said Cao Fei, general director of Huobi Pool. “The launch of the EOS-exchange is just the next logical step on our part to provide support.” At the new site, users will have the opportunity to trade a large number of cryptocurrencies paired with EOS. The press release says that Huobi Pool has been working closely with the EOS community since its launch this year. The mining team also interacted with other block manufacturers in the EOS system to develop the Crypto Kylin Testnet test network, a platform on which to test various EOS-based projects. In addition, Huobi Pool has developed an EOS voting platform. Among other things, Huobi Pool has released a series of scientific animated videos "EOS 20 Questions", through which users can learn a little more about the EOS ecosystem. Earlier this month, it became known that Huobi, which suspended work in Japan in the summer due to disagreements with regulators, bought one of 16 regulated Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges - Bittrade. The acquired company broke off relations with its supplier of trading infrastructure Bitbank Corp. and asked customers to re-verify and transfer assets in accordance with the instructions provided. Prior to this, the company was accused of organizing collusion with other manufacturers of EOS units, however, Huobi representatives denied this information.